Gross- und Einzelhandel von Bronzen und Skulpturen aller Epochen Art Deco, Wiener Bronzen, Jugendstil, Erotika, Moderne Kunst, Mythologie, Tiere

Wholesale from Bronzen,Figures and Sculptures from many Era´s as Art Deco, Vienna Bronze, Art Nouveau, Erotic, Modern Art, Mythology, Animals, Tiffany Lamps and so much more.

We have over 150 Different Bronze Sculptures continuously in Stock. You are welcome to visit our Showroom in Dresden (Germany) for Order and to View the perfect Quality.We can pick you up from the Airport at Dresden,Leipzig and Berlin.Wholesalers and distributors are sincerely welcome.

Best Prices and best Quality wait for you.
We Shipping and Delivery Worldwide.

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